Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best Buy

So I got a Best Buy credit card like three years ago, I've never put anything on it. I don't know why I never put anything on it but that is a good thing. I also don't know why I haven't tried to close the account sooner. Nonetheless, I tried to close it today and when I called to close it I found out that my account has been removed from their system and my account is inactive. So I told the lady, "well I just want to close it because I've never put anything on it". So she says to me, "I can't close it, the only way to close it is to write a letter stating that I want to close the account". Then I asked her if she meant like a hand written letter. She replied "YES, let me give you the address you can send it to". I quickly cut her off and said, " no thanks I don't need the address because I will not be writing a letter to close this account". Then I told her that it was ridiculous. She replied "yeah, I'm sorry". Oh yeah, everything she said was in broken English might I add. Anyway, I quickly told her thanks and hung up. I'll put a Snickers bar on that card to reactivate it before I write a letter to close my account.

So I'f you get a Best Buy card either keep a balance on it or cancel it. Or you can just do like me and give your buisness to someone else.

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